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Aweber Review-Best E-Mail List Building Tool!

List Building strategies and the importance of an Email list are no news to those of us that have been in the online space forThis image says Best Email List Building Strategies in the Aweber Review a while. But for new comers it can be a little overwhelming to discover, learn and implement In this Aweber review you’ll learn The best list building strategies and learn that it is very easy to use, because the software integration of needed software applications like an Autoresponder are misunderstood and seem like a daunting task!

But in all truth it is very easy and fantastically effective when using a system like Aweber!

In this completely honest review of Aweber, I will attempt to help beginners and intermediate marketers understand how easy it is to optimize your online efforts with what I feel is the absolute best autoresponder choice on the market!

This article contains affiliate links at no extra cost and No Web Experience receives a small commission for purchases made with these links.

Introduction to Aweber!

Aweber is an online software service called an autoresponder that not only allows you to keep up with E-mail subscribers, but does it very easily with an easily scalable system and pricing structure that most other autoresponders don’t bring to the table !

  • Name : Aweber
  • Website
  • Pricing Structure: All levels of pricing, for any budget. (See chart below)
  • Strongly recommended!

E-mail marketing is one of the first steps that should be made when you start any business aspect online! People such as myself who waited until later to get started regret that decision.

E mail marketing is in many ways the most profitable way to stay in touch with people who opt in or subscribe to your list! Having these targeted leads can be very profitable by simply adding value to their lives, they become willing recipients to offers you may make via E mail.

Build your list for optimum income performance!

Building your first E-mail list!

Building your first E-Mail list is exciting but for a beginner or someone that is just now getting into building their E-mail list it can seem a little overwhelming. Not with Aweber!

Aweber cuts the fear of startup costs by offering plans for lists as small as 1500 subscribers, all the way up to pretty muchSetting up an e mail list is easy with Aweber unlimited! They also make it very easy to import lists from other autoresponders, which I found to be easy and very helpful when I decided to try Aweber and get away from Mailchimp!

When I first got started with Mailchimp I thought it was easy to use, which it was. I also thought it was a great value because E-mail lists with up to 2,000 subscribers was free, which it was. I absolutely liked it and after a few months decided to do a Mailchimp review to tell other people about the value and ease! The problem was that it’s not as good as it seems !

There are disclaimers all over the platform at Mailchimp that says that they don’t promote affiliate marketing. I actually agreed with that because the last thing I want to see is my inbox full of marketing spam every day! The problem with that is that the algorythm at Mailchimp sees many things that aren’t spam as spamming affiliate links!

I went for a fw months with getting my account temporarily suspended several times, only to get it started back up after contacting support.(Which is a task in it’s self!)


I was sending a broadcast E-mail with a blog post review and other similar tasks that were seen by Mailchimp as affiliate spam! If you can’t do the simple task of Emailing a blog post, the service is almost useless!

Then one day I bought a rather large Solo ad for $250. I logged on that afternoon to find that just after the opt in cycle started Mailchimp again suspended my account! I failed to record a single opt in after! I spent $250 for nothing!

I knew something had to change and in stepped Aweber!


Set it and forget it convenience!

I have a landing page set up as an evergreen way of collecting subscribers and after it This image is my free getting started guidewas set up, it runs completely unattended with Aweber and Click Funnels integration!

I integrated with Click Funnels because all the work and design is handled directly in the software and makes it so that anyone can create a landing page for opt ins, an up sell, or any type of upsell or downsell funnel and any amount of steps! In other words it’s super easy!

You can use Aweber with pretty much anything though! If you want to use a plugin like Elementor on your website, you can run the same opt ins through Aweber!

Occasionally I set split tests up with Aweber to test a campaign between two landing pages to maximize the conversions. Just like every other aspect of Aweber, it is super simple and there are videos that answer any question you may have!


Adding a new list to Aweber!

I hate to keep pointing out how easy everything is within Aweber, but it’s the truth! If you are going to tell someone about something and do it honestly, you have to of course be honest!

screenshot of the create a list feature in the Aweber reviewWhen you are ready to create a list you simply click on “Manage lists” at the top of the screen. Then click on “Create a List”. From there it is as simple as filling in the fields and following the prompts!

You can’t ask for anything easier in my opinion!

There is enough to learn and take action on without having to spend valuable time learning and implementing an autoresponder like so many others require! The ease of setup and use leaves more time to do the other things that are important!


You can learn much more in this FREE getting Started guide!

This is my free getting started guide in the Click Bank article



The power of having an easy autoresponder!

The power of having an easy to use yet powerful autoresponder is great!

I am building 2 lists in 2 different niches and have them segmented in Aweber. This is especially helpful on a day to day basis! I use my lead magnet to build my list and also buy a small solo ad every week to help it along. Once you have your integration set up with Click Funnels and Udimi it is only 2 clicks away to add a text to the solo ad. Then the integration with ClickMagick helps me see what links were clicked, bounce rate etc!

I love keeping things simple and Aweber and Click Funnels has helped me greatly in doing just that!

My friend Pat has all of his integration set up through Convert Kit as his auto responder and builds out his landing pages with the Elementor plugin and Lead Pages. He spends quite a bit of time on his E-mail campaigns and spends quite a bit more money than I do on his tools ! But he likes doing things the hard way!




You can’t function in Internet marketing without an autoresponder!

Your E-mail list is a super important part of your online business ad a comfortable yet powerful autoresponder is one thing that is without a doubt something you can’t compromise on!

Building your list for marketing is important. But using your E-mail list to promote your website with newsletters, blog posts and reviews is equally important! I like to keep giving the people on my list valuable content at least once per week! This can be done by sending out a broadcast E-mail .

I’ve heard it said that your E-mail list should be bringing an average of $1 per month per subscriber. That is true, but the most important aspect of your list is staying in touch and giving content so that you build trust. Then after a while you can E-mail your list an affiliate offer or whatever you are promoting.

Like I said I have tried other autoresponders and Aweber is the choice for me!


So how much does Aweber cost?

There are different pricing levels and you can get started with Aweber with a free 30-day free trial, and then as little as $19 per month for up to 500 subscribers.

The simplicity and value combined with affordability makes Aweber a simple choice for beginners and has the power and scalability within the different accounts to let Aweber grow right along with your needs!

this is the Aweber pricing chart

The very low introductory cost of Aweber is far outweighed be the value in my opinion. When you pass 1500 subscribers, the expense should really not make a difference because you should be making more than enough with your autoresponder to warrant the expense.

I started with the basic version when I switched over from Mailchimp. I imported 771 subscribers and found that before long I had to step up to the next level because I had exceeded the limit of 1500 subscribers with the basic version. This is one increase that I can say I have been glad to make ! If it were up to me I would be paying for 10,000 subscribers right now!

The communication with an audience of subscribers is a great way to build trust and grow your business with these leads by leaps and bounds !

If You would like to try aweber you can do so by clicking this button! By using this button you will use my special link as an affiliate partner with AWEBER and get the first 30 days for FREE! There is no E mail required on this button!

I have tried several Email integration and I have found a home with the simplicity and power of Aweber ! I believe that you will love it as well !


Ease of setup and support!

You will find that Aweber is super easy and newbie friendly to set up!

It is virtually impossible to get stuck in doing anything you want to do because there is a ton of support in the F.A.Q. section and the Help section!

Aweber and many other users have made tons of YouTube Videos to help you out as well! If you have any questions you can find an answer very easily!

The support team at Aweber is really awesome ! If you have trouble or screw something up like I did when I got started there is no need to worry! The support team will have you back up and running in no time !

If you are just getting started earning money online and would like to receive the exact same training, mentoring and live community support I used you can Learn how to get started FOR FREE ! NO EMAIL FOR THIS BUTTON.

This picture is a training that can help with online business and using Aweber to get started


We have taken a look at what I think is the very best E mail autoreponder going! Aweber is used by businesses all over the world and still growing!

Aweber provides the power and simplicity for every business imaginable! From businesses with a million subscribers and even the business that has just started and has a few subscribers, Aweber has an account just for you! With help and support at every turn, there is really no way you cannot succeed!

Thank you for taking the time to read this article ! I really appreciate it!

I have one more favor to request of you. If you have a comment, question or suggestion I would appreciate it if you left it in the comments section! Your feedback greatly helps me better serve my readers!

I will leave you with a question that will help me produce content to offer you continued value!

At what stage of E mail marketing are you?




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8 thoughts on “Aweber Review-Best E-Mail List Building Tool!”

  1. jessie palaypay

    While Aweber is definitely not horrible of an auto respondeder service, the only drawback that really turned me away from them was the fact that they double counted your subscribers if they opt into another list. I am not sure if they fixed that yet. 

    Although, one aspect of aweber that I did like was their email marketing templates. I have grabbed a few copy write templates that I am using to build my own sequences. So far, I like how my broadcast messages are coming out.

    1. The double counting of subscribers is a user setting under the accounts tab.

      If you follow the 3 mimute walk through video when you set up your account, it will instruct you to uncheck that box.

      Best of successes 


  2. Emmanuel Buysse

    Great post and good info. 

    I use Aweber for a while now and seriously, without it, you are missing a big key tool. 

    Because of this, my online business skyrocketed and I’ve got so much more income, than I would have without it. 

    You can message people and customers where otherwise you couldn’t, and for a business that is priority. 

    So people, if you read it, use Aweber, really. 

    Thanks for sharing it! 

    1. Thanks for your comment and feedback Emmanuel! 

      I really like hearing that you like Aweber as much as I do! It is truly an easy to use and awesome tool! 

      Best of success to you! 


  3. Hi Mike, as an online marketer, it’s of great importance to use a good email autoresponder and I have heard that Aweber is top notch. I have also the experience that Mailchimp is dumping affiliate marketers. That’s not nice at all. It’s good to hear about the simplicity and the affordability of Aweber, and that they have a ton of support in the F.A.Q. section and the Help section. I am in the begin stage of email marketing, I used MailChimp, got suspended! and after that Mailpoet. But as I am Dutch I decided to go to a Dutch company called Laposta, the first 1000 subscribers are free, but you can not just open an account there, you have to apply, and then you get a series of question about for what purpose you are going to use their system and with what intentions. They do have strict rules for spamming. I will keep Aweber in mind, when I reach the 1000 subscribers, and will compare the conditions of both companies. Thank you.


  4. I’ve been working on the Internet for about ten years, and Aweber tool isn’t a stranger to me either. It is no doubt that e-mail marketing is an integral part with the great potential. At the moment, I have focused mostly on an Amazon affiliate-oriented web page. I’ve tried different e-mail list building tools, but I don’t really see a real effect. Perhaps you might suggest how to correctly Aweber should be used as a success in advertising Amazon items? Thanks.

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