Article Content Creation- Dos and Don’ts

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Article Content Creation is King !

With beginners the idea of coming up with great article content creation is a daunting task!

It conjures up memories of that high school or college essay that whipped their butts, and kept them awake at night.

The structure of a perfect essay will do that to pretty much anyone! The thoughts of Google wants great contentperfect paragraph structure and grammar mixed with the criteria of a great essay truly is intimidating, especially if it has been decades since you had to take part in such a mind-numbing exercise!

But there is great news!

If your goal is to create a blog website that you can monetize within a niche, you can throw off those binders of hideous hindrance and simply write to convey a thought and offer relevant content to the audience within your niche !

Plan your content for short term and long term writing goals

The most valuable piece of advice I can offer you as a new blogger is to plan short term and long term blogging goals!

If you get advice from seasoned bloggers some things may be different between the different opinions. This sin’t one of them! Planning your blogging goals is the most important aspect of starting a blog for a few reasons, but the biggest reason is the biggest by a long way!

Any blogger that says they haven’t had an occasional case of writers block or just plain hit a wall, is either the best blogger who ever lived or is lying! When you start a blog the ideas within your niche are plentiful and dance around in your head constantly.

After you have made 25-30 bog posts there will come a time when your brain goes on vacation and you can’t think of a single subject to write about. Not if your life depended content creation on it!

By having writing goals, you have a list of content ideas to research and stay fresh with. When your brain is elsewhere you can call upon your list of goals and be right back on track!

Like I said, I like short and long term goals. The short term goals are simply the results you are after in the first month. I set a goal for the first month to write a blog post every day. That may seem difficult, but it really isn’t.

After you have your website set up and make a couple of posts along the way, your primary concern should be planning your blog content.

Plan your content for at least 20-30 posts. That will give you a planned gold mine of resources to pull from.


Take your time with keyword research!

Keyword research is the zen of blogging and most any online content. Good, low competition keywords are in fact the difference between building a blog that ranks in the search engines and having an online diary of thoughts! Keyword research isn’t difficult at all. But take your time to find the best keywords you can for your posts.

And as a part of planning your content, also plan the keywords with it. That way, when you settle in to write all you need to do is write. You will get a lot more done this way. When you wait till it’s time to write to decide the subject of your content and do keyword research, it is very easy to be more busy than productive! You never want to be busy.

If you need some assistance with how to properly do keyword research, you can click on this link, to learn more. You can never go wrong with spending time on keyword research!Keyword research tool

Aim for the highest quality, relevant, and helpful content!

To have a successful blog, you don’t have to be an expert in your niche, but you should have some sort of interest in the subject even if it’s not something you are passionate about. .

Your goals are to have at least a little more knowledge of the subject than the person reading your blog. And by doing some research and reporting that research to your audience you will grow in authority and likewise your audience will grow.Search Engine Optimization

If you start with multiple sources of research you are already offering your audience valuable and helpful content, becaus they came to you instead of the multiple sources where you did your research.

Your website content doesn’t have to be perfect. On the contrary, I would rather you shoot for getting the post done in a quality way and in a way that helps the reader. If you try to achieve perfection you can be paralyzed by it, and likely never reach it anyway!

You are trying to address a need in the most honest and helpful way possible. Just like the essay example, you are not trying to achieve a grade in literature, you are helping people within your niche. Talk in your blog posts just like that person was standing in front of you. People appreciate when someone is being real, not perfection!

Monetizing your blog

If your plan is to monetize your blog as it should be, don’t let that monetization get in the way of providing helpful content.

Your content and website blog ranking depends on the content more than anything else. Getting into S.E.O. and other things help yes. But none come close to quality content!

For instance if you are writing a review, make sure that the review is on something that is relevant to your niche. Writing a review on a new motorcycle when you have a gardening niche site is not a good idea.

Likewise, when you write that review make it an honest one. If you are doing affiliate marketing with your website, you can place your affiliate link in the review just like always. But if you don’t feel comfortable about suggesting that product to your audience tell them that!

Be honest and it will gain you a lot of trust with your audience !

Another common problem with new bloggers is spreading affiliate links on every post on their website. Whenever you are working on a post try to link back to reviews you have done with affiliate links or other posts with affiliate links, but don’t go crazy with affiliate links.

And make sure you link to an affiliate disclosure on your website explaining that that web page has affiliate links and what they are per law!

Try to make sure that no more than 20-30 % of posts have affiliate links in them. If you go above that the search engines will see you as a spam site and it will drastically hurt your rankings.

Audio and Video Content

If you decide to add a YouTube channel to your efforts and include videos in your blog posts it can be very beneficial to your blog! There are many people who prefer to consume content visually and it can do nothing but help.

Podcasts are another great source to supercharge your content! Podcasts dropped slightly in popularity for a while, but it seems that more and more people are once again consuming content through audio. A podcast is also less intimidating than video for most people and far easier to run.

A weekly podcast doesn’t take long to accomplish and the rewards can be very beneficial! But beware of entertainment based content as you will see in the next section!

Picture instructing to learn more about starting an online business

Don’t be busy, be productive

It is easy to work on your blog every night and not get anything done! Being busy is a terrible habit to get into! When you are busy you are not being productive. One example of being productive is planning to be productive.

Just like the example of planning your content that I gave you before, make sure you aren’t wasting time with unimportant things.

Social media is one way that can be both productive and busy. Having a social media presence with a Facebook page, a Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest account is great! When you post a new blog, post it on all your social media sites. Then time yourself to no more than about 30 minutes and leave.

A YouTube channel and a podcast are great ideas as I was mentioning before! But like other social media, don’t waste time there! If you create a YouTube video, upload it, check any comments and leave. It is very easy to start with great intentions while watching videos within your niche.

But if you aren’t careful, you will look at the clock and 3 hours have passed while you are learning to speak giraffe! All the social media sources are beneficial, but keep it to a minimum. Or at least play with them only when you intend to, during down time.

Having an awesome blog isn’t that hard!

It’s like anything else. You get out of it what you put in. Building a blog can be a great thing from the feeling of accomplishment to making money. There are many ways to monetize a blog nd there are different routes you can take within your blog.

You may want to add Google Adsense to your blog or not. You may want to promote a certain product or program within your blog as means of monetization and simply build content around it. There is a way for everyone !

If you are starting a website blog and having problems, a mentor or mentor ship program can help greatly! Back when I started I had no clue how to build a website or monetize a blog. I was pretty decent at the writing part, but that was it. And like many I struggled for a while and was near the point of quitting!

I read somewhere that 90% of new online businesses fail because people don’t see results quickly enough and give up. That wasn’t my problem. I knew it takes time to create content and get ranked in the search engines! My problem was that I didn’t know the nuts and bolts of how to make it work.

Then I started looking for one of these mentor ship programs and found that there are many of them, and they all have one thing in common.

They first want a credit card and have many opportunities for you to use it! I couldn’t afford that and let my blog sit for a year. Then a friend told me about the mentor ship program he used. After a little deliberation I decided to try it, and it was great! I signed up for free and they never ask for a credit card or PayPal!


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An online business with a blog is something that is attainable for pretty much anyone! It takes some work and time to get content built up so that you gain site trust and search engine rankings, but it’s well worth the effort!

I wish you well on your journey!

We have talked about content creation, and planning your content with good low competition keyword research. We have also talked about sing social media to our benefit and not our detriment.

Building a blog is fun and not that hard. And if you do it right, it can be a very rewarding experience!

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If you have questions or comments I would appreciate it if you left them in the comments below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible!








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  1. shalom omotoso

    I think all bloggers need to go through this piece. Keywords are great tools that any blogger who wants to succeed in online business should harness. Apart from making your blog rank in search engines, it eradicates the greatest challenge of bloggers; writer’s block.

    Thanks for this research, looking forward for more helpful tips.

  2. I think all bloggers need to go through this piece. Keywords are great tools that any blogger who wants to succeed in online business should harness. Apart from making your blog rank in search engines, it eradicates the greatest challenge of bloggers; writer’s block.

    Thanks for this research, looking forward for more helpful tips.

  3. Derek Marshall

    Hi there Mike,

    Thank you kindly for creating and sharing this rather excellent and much needed lesson. It is truly appreciated. thanks.

    I am definitely in need of a lesson in keyword research, do you have any tips, tricks or techniques that could help me?

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