10 Reasons why affiliate marketers fail

10 Reasons Why Affiliate Marketers Fail- Read This So You Don’t

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There is no reason for you to fail, if you approach it the right way!

The basic idea of affiliate marketing isn’t that difficult! In fact, it’s fairly simple. So Why do Affiliate Marketers fail? Why Whyb Affiliate Marketers Fail they don't prepare for success!does it seem so easy for some people to roll out success after success and then for some it seems like nothing goes right at any time ? There are reasons! And some of these reasons are very simple to avoid or fix!

We’re going to investigate and help you to become successful and avoid the most common pit falls for affiliate marketers !

After all, All these millions know someone or know of someone who has “made it” by quitting their boring existence and become their own boss using their own computers in the comfort and ease of home. So to say it’s possible is a no brainer! The real question is why and why not, when pondering why some people seem to have easy success and others fail.

If you are interested in affiliate marketing, but think that you can’t because you don’t have any experience, let me put your fears to ease! You don’t need any experience! You merely need goals and effort!

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The process is simple, but complex!

The process of affiliate marketing is really simple. When you look at it and start thinking about getting involved in what I feel is the easiest way for the average person to build a business, earn passive income, and even scale it up to achieve wealth !

But there are steps to take and steps not to take that will have a great effect on your success. And let’s face it! Most of the problems can usually be tracked right back to ourselves. So if you are serious and want to create a life of freedom and passive income with affiliate marketing I will give you a head start to that success by pointing out the top reasons for failure! Just like the old saying goes, knowing is half the battle !

Yes! I have learned the hard way on some of these reasons for failure myself, and had some of the people I mentor tell me things they were having trouble with and some things that they were stuck on. I used these top examples to create this list and help you achieve quicker success by avoiding these failures.

I have listed these reasons in an order that I feel is most important, but really every reason listed is equally important if you want to get started and be successful with the least amount of failures and redoing what you have already done !


#1 reason for Failure = Lack of commitment!

Why Affiliate Marketers Fail lack of commitment The very first step of starting any business is deciding to be committed to what you are doing. It doesn’t really matter if you are starting an affiliate marketing business or a hometown barber shop.

If you don’t have commitment to your business, it has failed before you start! I imagine that someone out there is thinking that I am negative, but I’m really not! I want as many people to find success and freedom of time and lifestyle as possible! But we have to be truthful to each other!

If you get involved in Affiliate Marketing, Drop Shipping, or any online business because you saw a guy standing beside a Lamborghini on YouTube and thought that it looked fun, you are in for a world of surprises!

Yes Affiliate marketing is fun! But just because you purchase one of the countless systems from some guy who likely rented a Lamborghini is only the very beginning. The system might have some value and teach you some very good stuff, but if you don’t have a commitment you may as well save your money and plan on working for the weekend the rest of your life !

Your commitment level needs to be at a high level because I will guarantee you that you will have more than one or two failures !

Failure is a natural part of the process of growth and progress ! Even when you are a small child you must first learn to crawl before you walk, and then walk before you run. But just because you have followed the training and went all the way from crawling to running doesn’t mean that you will never fall! In fact if you never fall. it’s likely because you didn’t have the commitment to continue to run!

You have to be committed to learn things along the way. And then be committed to try again when you fail with the things you have learned.

I failed so many times you wouldn’t believe it! And I still fail on a regular basis. But with every failure I learn something new and get a little better at crafting my dream. I have come to the conclusion that if I’m not failing on a regular basis, I’m not learning and therefore not doing something right!

So the first piece of advice is decide whetrher you are committed before you get started, and stay committed! The reason so many online businesses fail is lack of commitment, and if you defeat that one and decide that you will keep building, failing and repeating, you will have a successful business in your future !


#2 Reason for failure = The Wrong Niche

The second biggest reason for failure in any online business is deciding to build your business on the wrong niche!

Choosing a niche based on the expense of products that you can promote is a surefire recipe for disaster! You need to use several criteria for choosing your niche, and items to be promoted is one of them but not the most important one!Why do affilaite marketers fail find your niche

The best rule of thumb is to choose something that you are passionate about or at least have an interest in. You don’t need to be an expert, but knowledge is a must. The knowledge that you use can be researched and learned as you go, but you will need that knowledge in order to connect and communicate with those in that niche.

You don’t have to be an expert nor do you have to know every answer to every question. You just need to be a little more knowledgeable that the person in your niche who needs your help or needs a question answered.

Make sure that there are enough available products to review and promote to your niche. I like to make a list of at least 10 items that can be promoted to your niche in order to actually earn money. We don’t have to worry about sounding like we are greedy for simply wanting to monetize our efforts! After all what is a business without profits?

Choosing a niche should be something that you take a little time deciding on.

If You will be working within the niche that you choose, it’s worth the time and effort to choose the niche that is right for you!


#3 Reason for failure = No website/ blog

This is a subject that many people disagree with me on, but ten times as many people are in agreement. A website is a critical part of a sustained online business no matter what your niche or business model !

A website is your home on the internet and can’t be under estimated on its value!

With no website your efforts are purely from a marketing standpoint and you become nothing more than a salesman in the The reason affiliate marketers fail is no website or blogeyes of the people you are trying to connect with. By doing business as an affiliate marketer it is much harder to have a passive income business platform and thus you have to rely on constant advertising to get your products in front of customers.

With a website blog, you have many more advantages! And of course the biggest advantage of them all is free traffic. With free traffic from your website the clicks that come your way are as targeted as you can get and thus convert far better. Without a website paid ads with social media, Search engine PPC(Pay Per Click) and CPA (Solo Ads) are your best option for driving traffic to your offers.

Most affiliate marketers that don’t opt for a website do this because they prefer the right now approach and want to start putting offers in front of their niche right away. But from my conversations with many affiliates I believe the bulk of marketing efforts without a website are due to being lazy and not willing to invest the time to create a website, create content and wait for traffic.

But when you follow a basic blueprint to increase your search engine rankings and get organic traffic, you will have traffic that will only increase for what is likely to be months or years without you having to ever touch it again! As a website owner you can still run paid advertising campaigns, but you also have the advantage of getting more targeted traffic for free.

I have seen many beginners fail with using spam and paid tactics because they lose money on the advertising and give up! But with some simple SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tips you can really knock the free traffic out of the park if you are just willing to spend a little time, effort and patience on it.


#4 Reason for failure in affiliate marketing = Unwilling to learn

The reason affiliate marketers fail is unwillingness to learnWhen you start any new business venture, hobby or anything else that you don’t have experience in, there will be a learning curve. Most people can’t accept this fact because they have listened to the abundance of misinformation and lies on the internet and think they should be successful the day they start. That just simply isn’t the case!

There are some systems and simple software integration that must be learned if you want to be successful online, and that is simply the facts. But the fake gurus that plaster all their courses and systems all over the internet want you to think you will be successful the day you start and many of them even claim success within minutes. These people are simply lying to you as away to take your money, pure and simple!

This website isn’t my only venture online. In fact, it came after my other ventures because I had so many people asking me how to get started and asking if this system or that one was a scam! I wanted to give back and help others get started and avoid the scams and fake gurus and entrepreneurs, so I started this website as means of helping people, and it has been great ! But when I help people with the information to get started, they inherently ask about some guru they saw on YouTube and his plan to help speed up the process !

You can follow the instructions of these people and dump a lot of money on paid advertising like the favorite CPA (Cost per action traffic with solo ads as a beginner, and either lose your money, break even or make a small amount of money return. But most beginners lose money because it takes time and experience to set these paid campaigns up correctly. And there is another secret they won’t tell you. You still have to be willing to learn!

You must be willing to learn and take the steps to get better as you progress in your affiliate marketing business! You still need to understand things like E mail Marketing and funnel software and how to set these up. Then once you get these set up, you need to know how to track clicks with a software integration likeClick Magick so that you are optimizing your efforts.

That’s why I offer to help people get started with the exact training I started with at Wealthy Affiliate. I only promote the use of Wealthy Affiliate because I believe in the training and community. The process is spot on and honest. No one is trying to up sell you a high dollar course!

You must be willing to learn and grow to become successful at anything in life !

You can build an affiliate marketing business that will offer you a passive income for the rest of your life, so why would you want to give up after a few weeks ?

If You are new or have tried Affiliate marketing with no success, try this free training with no risk and no credit card ! This training will teach you step by step, clcik by click and get you started the right way, with no scams!

The reason affiliate marketers fail is improper training


#5 Reason for failure = Making it all about you

This part amazes many people ! The online space and using it to create an income is all about helping!

The reason affiliate marketers fail is that they make it all about themselves and not the audienceThat’s absolutely right! People don’t always Google ways to give you money. They Google things that make their lives better and help them with a problem or answer a question!

It’s a common problem to see people that want to get started online, chose a niche with nothing but the profit in mind. Then they get frustrated because they don’t connect with the niche that they have chosen, or do enough research to post 30-40 pieces of salesy content that never does anything or gets traffic ! The reason is simply that you have the wrong mindset!

When someone searches for reasons there car battery dies every few days, they want an answer to what is causing it, not a list of battery prices. But if you point out that they may have a dead cell in the battery and how to check it, you have answered the question that they asked. They will be inclined to come back to you the next time they need help with what the best car stereos are and may even be inclined to click a link and purchase the one you suggest because you have been helpful before ! Then you will see a return on your investment because you offered relevant and helpful content.

The purpose has to be all about your audience, not you!

You can’t present content to someone based solely on what you like or want. You have to present your audience with relevant content that helps them. You must keep in mind who you are and who they are.

That person who searched the question about their car battery may be more inclined to purchase a $19 multi-meter to check their batter the way you instructed, than to buy a $120 battery .

Keep it real and make it all about your audience and not yourself!


#6 Reason for failure = Fake Reviews and Duplicate Content

People have search queries for a reason. They want information. Your avenue to building a relationship with these people is by supplying answers to their questions and needs.

The search engines should be viewed as your customers and audience as well! They use various algorithms to discover your content, index that content into the search engine and then crawl it to investigate the relevance and quality. That is where some people fall off the boat!

If you use duplicate content, and fake reviews you are heading down a road that will lead you straight to failure !!

Google will punish you in the search results for duplicate content! And fake reviews are something that will do even worse!The reason affiliate marketers fail is duplicate content You might be able to get fake reviews past the Google algorithm, but you won’t get them past your audience.

Take the time and effort to create the best and most relevant content you can. Make the content yours ! Tell the story in your words, because that is what makes the content special! There may be others that are reviewing the same product or service, but no one will do it exactly like you will!

The same is said for content that is solely information based ! Insert yourself into your content because you are speaking to people that are in the same niche and your opinion means something!

When your audience figures out the fact that you are faking reviews just to sell them something they will not take kindly to it because no one likes to be lied to!

Take the time to do your research on a product. Read other reviews. And when possible buy the product so that you can actually try it out and give a real review of the product. Treat your audience with the respect they deserve by delivering truthful and helpful information! They will remember you for it. Likewise, they will also remember you for faking it !


#7 Reason for failure = Spamming

It doesn’t take long to find some Facebook pages that will show you some very real examples of spamming!

Facebook pages and Groups are a favorite method for many affiliate marketers to spam out links and try to get sales on the The reason affiliate marketers fail is spammingsocial media platforms. But spamming is pretty much everywhere you look online including all the other social media sites. In fact there is so much spamming online people catch on really quick and get sick of seeing the various sales pitches coming at them every day!

Facebook is notorious for banning spammers and shutting down pages, profiles and groups! The spamming on Facebook has gotten so bad that Facebook even views many blog posts as spam and you can get shut down just over a non-salesy blog post!

The canned spam laws of 2015 were intended to do away with the multitude of E mail spammers online, but most E mail marketers have found ways to skirt the edges and still spam out the inboxes of their subscribers on a regular basis!

There is one affiliate marketer I spoke with who has an e-mail list of over 20,000 subscribers. He spends $1000 per month in Paid ads like Solo ads with the sole intention of building his list. He has a 30% opt-in rate so he adds an average of 300 subscribers per month. This entire effort is just to try to offset the number of people who unsubscribe to his list because his entire business model is spamming out one make money online offer after another!

He sets an average of 6 follow up e-mails to his new subscribers. When those have finished he looks for another well converting Clcik Bank or JVZoo offer to promote to his list. Then he starts the process all over.

He is making money and doing pretty well. But his Affiliate marketing business that was once doing $18,000 – $20,000 per month is now averaging $12,000 per month because more and more people are unsubscribing to spammers!

An E mail list is really no different that a blog or YouTube channel. Quality, relevant and useful content is the key! You should send your list an E mail at least once per week that contains a blog post, or something of value. The subscribers will get used to seeing your e-mails and build a little trust, Then when you promote a product or service they will be far more receptive, and your conversions will increase .

Many people who are new to affiliate marketing, will get started the wrong way!

New people to affiliate marketing will try these types of spamming tactics while spending money to build their list. Then when no one is converting they give up. They think that the spamming routine is the way it is supposed to be due to the bad info from fake gurus. But the truth is that these fake gurus are just telling you something to get a credit card number!

There is an honest and sustaining business model that you can follow that will offer a lifetime of passive income, but you can’t take short cuts that don’t work and then give up! These practices are the part of the curriculum at Wealthy Affiliate.




#8 Reason For Failing = Bad Information / scams

We talked earlier about getting bad information, and you would be surprised how much of it is out there!

If you are interested in the big three niches, be careful! Those niches are the make money online niche, health and beauty niche, and the weight loss niche. After all you can always use more money, be more beautiful or be leaner!

Among these, the make money online niche is the most dangerous, and you should be skeptical of any product or service that is promoted, and it isn’t even close!

It doesn’t matter what niche you plan to get into, your long term goal is to monetize it and (MMO) make money online. These people in this niche will cater to all niches by offering products and services that will help you in your pursuit of building your online business. Sometimes these products and services are useful and have value, but most of them are of Google Search quality and you could get just as much value from a Google search yourself.

If you yourself want to get into the make money online niche, this is the most dangerous because there are those who will sell you into promoting what they are selling. Which means that you pay for the product and then pay for the right to promote it.

The make money online niche is where you most often find the horrible tactics and paid ads for beginners programs. They will tell you things that are totally untrue and hope that a small percentage of the many, convert and buy in.

Many of these scammers don’t teach any free traffic content because they don’t want you to catch on that they can’t teach you how to do it! They only want to do social media and paid ads traffic training, because it is quick for them and likely failure for you!

These scammers will usually have a video or picture of them standing beside a Lamborghini or some other item that gives The reason affiliate marketers fail is scamsyou connotations of success. Then you go to their sales page and get a sales video that piles it on! If you aren’t careful you can get a case of shiny object syndrome and suffer a huge set back!

These products and services are examples of what most of the get-rich-quick schemes look like.

You will notice that they all have several major things in common. Promises of huge earnings really quick, and up sells that are not discussed on the front side are the biggest sign of a product or service that you want to avoid!

There is no way that you will be successful the day or week that you start, unless you use paid advertising, and that is risky to say the least!

#9 Reson For Failing = Not keeping the main thing, the main thing!

The ninth reason affiliate marketers fail is not keeping the main thing, the main thing!

Too many people get into Affiliate marketing and want to go in multiple directions at one time! They think that they have to watch analytics constantly, or start Email lists, Landing pages, and other integration all at one time !

It’s best to concentrate on what you do best!

If you are starting a niche blog you need to work on your blog and rock out the content on a regular basis and stick to a The reason affiliate marketers fail is not keeping the main thing the main thingschedule. Having a schedule and sticking to it is the best way to avoid procrastination and get your goals accomplished! When you set a content schedule it allows to to add to your content ideas on the fly and not end up with a content block! By not getting into a content block you will stay on schedule and get better search engine results as well as rankings!

E mail marketing and setting up an autoresponder like Aweber is a great idea, and one that is very important ! I would even say that you should get started on list building as early as you can. But do one thing at a time!

When you try to multi- task it sounds really good and actually is in many ways, but something will have to suffer and you run the risk of getting paralyzed by having to many ways to work, and you can easily get overwhelmed by the entire process. So simply keeping the main thing the main thing is a great step towards success and avoiding becoming overwhelmed!


#10 Reason for Failing = Not staying on task with your platform or what you’re good at!

Right after choosing the niche or group of people you want to present content to, the second most important step is choosing your platform!

Keep the main thing, the main thing!


My preferred platform is a great niche website! Having a website is not only a way to present your content to your niche or The reason affiliate marketers fail is not keeping on taskaudience, it is also your home online! You can use a website to promote other platforms you may want to include in your business plans i the future as well! For example, I have my website and use that website to promote my You Tube channel as well. Like I said in the last section, you need to keep the main thing the main thing, so I use You Tube as a secondary asset and put 90% of my effort into my website!

An affiliate marketing website is a smart affiliate marketing strategy and is always the hub for everyone I help when getting started!




You Tube

My You Tube channel is my secondary platform, and doesn’t get the type of attention and time that I give my website. But with a video added every couple of weeks to echo the efforts I put into my website it is growing slowly. You Tube will never be my #1 platform because I feel far too comfortable as a writer. But there are many people who are really killing it with You Tube! The You Tube strategy is a little quicker to gain traffic but there is still a need for website content for landing pages and your home on the internet we spoke of earlier.

You Tube is a great platform! But everyone doesn’t feel comfortable in front of a camera! Is there a reason to fear making videos for a You Tube channel? Not really!

Like many other people I have struggled in making You Tube videos. But after you make a few videos it starts getting much easier than you might think ! But if you are nervous about You Tube, there are other avenues to create another platform that are much easier for people who are camera shy, like Podcasting!


Creating a podcast is one of the most popular and growing ways to creating an online presence on a popular platform!

Creating a podcast is perhaps the most simple way to promote a website and drive traffic while creating a following! Add to that the fact that you can get started podcasting absolutely free and you are likely going to be interested! I have been thinking very seriously about adding a pdcast to take the place of my YouTube channel! I won’t likely have both platforms because it will take too much time from my website. Remember? Keep the main thing, the main thing?\

You can get started podcasting with free software like Audacity and be rolling in no time ! If there is one place that you might want to spend a couple of dollars, It will be on a good quality microphone. You can do so very easily and cheaply ! And if you want to get started with a great quality Microphone, you can get one like the Blue Yeti ! That’s it!

One other thing you can do when you start your podcast is to useFiverr to have an into/ outro created for $5 and make your podcast instantly more professional !

If you are interested in more great podcasting tips, I would suggest that you check out Pat Flynn’s content at Smart Passive Income podcasts!

If You are new or have tried Affiliate marketing with no success, try this free training with no risk and no credit card ! This training will teach you step by step, clcik by click and get you started the right way, with no scams!

free training on so you wont be one of the affiliate marketers that fail!




We have spent some time talking about the top 10 things you can do to avoid failure as an affiliate marketer, and I’ve even linked the #1 Free Training source for you to learn how to get started.

I hope that each person who reads this decides to create a passive income with affiliate marketing! The only thing I regret is not starting earlier!

If you have a comment, question or suggestion I would appreciate it if you add it to the comments below! Your feedback helps me to better serve my audience !

Have a wonderful day, and the very best of success to you!




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6 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why Affiliate Marketers Fail- Read This So You Don’t”

  1. You have provided very good information on how to avoid failing in affiliate marketing. I actually tried affiliate marketing about 2 years ago and due to financial constraints, had to stop. I am in a better financial position now and have signed up with WA for the full year and Jaaxy as well. I see the potential and know I’ll succeed because I am committed!

    I think maybe your article lacks that one piece…the financial aspect. I think a lot of people get into it thinking they’ll make money right away and quit before they give it a real chance. I didn’t expect money right away, but I had some financial things come up that prevented me from paying for WA at the time.

    I did however, select the wrong niche the first time around. I had a couponing blog which I loved, except that it was extremely time consuming and I worked full-time and it was hard to keep up with everything the blog required.

    This time around I thought for months on what i wanted my blog to be about and I’m not concentrated on the making money aspect…just the writing. The money will come.

    Great post!

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words! 

      I wish you the very best of success! If there is anything I can help with along the way, just let me know! 


    1. Thank you so much for your kind words and your comment!
      I’m glad to see that you are taking advantage of such a great opportunity in affiliate marketing!
      If I can help ,or if you have any questions , please feel free to let me know !
      Best of success to you!

  2. These are great points and this is the first review I’ve come across that points out why people fail, which should be a HUGE help in encouraging them to succeed.  It sounds like a niche is probably the most important decision you can make when setting up your business and this has helped me see that I must think carefully first, and maybe even get some suggestions inside your recommended platform.  Thanks for the info.  🙂

    1. Thank you for your kind comment Shannon!

      I hope these tips on things to watch out for and avoid can help you along your journey! 

      If I can answer any questions or help in any way just let me know!


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